Long Distance Moving Packing Tips and Reminders

Published: 01st March 2011
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Packing is the most tiring task in long distance moving particularly if you plan to do job by your own will. In doing this, you should give a lot of time for this task at least six to eight weeks before the day of your move. This time frame is fairly enough to complete all the packing as well as the planning of your move. Plan your move carefully and precisely so you can save a lot of money, time, and effort. For this reason, let us give you some packing tips and reminders on your plan for a long distance move.
Before packing up the things in your house, make a list of inventory first so it would be easy for you to sort out your priorities from the least important items. Check out every room inside the house and list all the items you can found. After you’re done making the list then sort them out and decide of which items you will move to your new house and which will be left behind. This is a very important decision on your part to lighten up your load in moving all the things in your new home. All the family members should also help you out in completing the list with their recommendations and suggestions as well. Think of better ways of how you will dispose these unwanted items; maybe you can sell them in a garage sale or give them away to your neighbors and in a charitable institution.
After disposing the unwanted items then you can now proceed to your main objective which is packing the valuable items. Make it sure first that you already have the complete packing supplies and kits or else it can cause delay and interruption during the packing session. These packing supplies and kits are widely available in mail service stores, office supply outlets, and the local moving retailers. If there are missing supplies and kits that are not available locally then try to search for it in the internet. What is very important is that you can complete all the packing supplies and kits need for your uninterrupted packing session. Always remember that you have to save time; and saving time is also saving money, too.
However, there are some items that require specialty boxes so you can pack them accordingly such as large mirrors and framed art works. These two items need stronger boxes plus frame protectors. Sensitive appliances like computers and printers should also be packed with care to avoid damage on the units. For some reasons the original boxes of these units are still best for packing but in case they’re not anymore available just use sturdy boxes then add protectors to make the units still during the transit.
Additionally, heavier items should be placed on the bottom of the box and you can place lighter items on top of it to save more space. Labeling the boxes is also important to distinguish fragile items and for easy identification when unpacking the items. And lastly, double-check all the boxes if they are properly taped before loading them to the truck. For more information please visit the website www.olympusmoving.com

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